A disturbing claim by young women that they were “needle-spun” with a drug for dating rape made them unconscious, and left with bruises.

  • Newcastle women claim that they were needled while out on the town. 
  • Police in NSW confirm that they are looking into six similar reports
  • Jaylena was 18, when she went to a nightclub and became very ill.
  • After alleged spiking, another woman must now take antiviral medication

One young lady has shared her story of being snipped with needles on her first night out clubbing.

Jaylena (18) is one of six teenage women who are believed to be victims of the newest spiking trend. It happened in Newcastle, NSW’s Hunter area.

The girl was celebrating her first night out in a nightclub and recalled having danced with a man before suddenly becoming severely ill.

“I was desperate to throw up.” She told A Current Affair that it felt as if my heart would stop.

Jaylena is just one of six young women believed to have been victims of the latest spiking trend in Newcastle in NSW's Hunter region

Jaylena, one of six teenage women who may have fallen prey to the latest spiking trend at Newcastle in NSW’s Hunter Region is Jaylena

“I fell asleep in my car, and nobody could get me to wake up when I arrived home.”

“Like I’m 18 and just got ruined after my first night out clubbing”

Jaylena, who was studying nursing, noticed that her lower thigh had a slight bruise. Jaylena knew about the possible spiking attacks and was afraid for her life.

She stated, “You should not go out to cover your drink expecting to be poked with a needle.” 

It’s disgusting. It’s just disgusting.

“It is more than just injecting a pill in somebody’s beverage. It’s actually injecting someone using a needle with enough force to make a bruise. 

Jaylena had a similar experience to Hannah, a young lady who attended the same Newcastle nightclub over the weekend. She believes that she too was spiked.

She was 20 years old and had just been to a friend’s 18th birthday party when everything suddenly became black.

A woman from Newcastle has shared photos of other young women that are believed to have been spiked by needles while out at nightclubs

Newcastle’s woman shared photographs of others young ladies who are suspected to have been drugged while they were out in nightclubs.

Hannah, 20, claimed she too had been spiked while out at a nightclub in Newcastle over the weekend

Hannah (20) claimed that she was also spiked at Newcastle’s nightclubs over the weekend.

“I was awakened on the train two hours later.” She said that she doesn’t remember much of the night, and it was frightening to wake up without it.

Hannah’s friends were able to locate her at the station, where they found Hannah crying and very drowsy.

Hannah found a small bruise in her right thigh, which her girlfriends advised her to look for.

For six months, she will need to be on an antiviral medication to prevent her being infected with HIV.

Police in NSW confirmed that they were investigating six complaints from young women living in Newcastle who had all reported similar experiences.

“Police are currently awaiting toxicology results, and have begun further inquiries into these incidents,” they stated.

Dr Michael Robertson, forensic toxicologist, said that the needles may not have been the original ones, but rather an’modified epipen, which makes it easy for the culprits to inject young women unnoticed.

“It’s nearly a clinical study in these nightclubs. He said that there are now new designer drugs like benzo-diazepam or rohypnol, which people can inject.

King Street nightclub was the scene of the attack. Police have CCTV and they are actively cooperating in the investigation. 

Women are reportedly being injected with needles while out, police are investigating (stock image)

Police are looking into reports that women are being given needles to inject while they are out.