We would all love to be able to install the very best in-car entertainment system in our cars, yet if you purchase the separate components and install them yourself, you can save a lot of money. The internet is a wealth of information and if you need some help installing a sound system in your car, there are many YouTube videos that show you step by step instructions. You will need a few tools, such as a drill, wire grips, plastic ties and screws to fix the components into place.

Major Components

The major components of an in-car entertainment system include the following:

  • Media Player
  • Power Amp (optional)
  • Coaxial Speakers
  • DVD Screens (optional)

The media player is the heart of the system that can play a wide range of mediums, including DVD/CD, AM/FM radio, USB and the Internet. Of course, you don’t have to include DVD in the package, id=f you are only interested in audio. Check out the amazing car stereo’s from Bankstown Sound, a leading Australian supplier of in-car entertainment components that offers the best deals on the best brands.

Read the Product Reviews

When you are looking to buy in-car entertainment components, always read the customer reviews before buying, indeed, you could search with Google for professional reviews that are very accurate and unbiased. If you join a few of the in-car audio forums, you can get free advice from enthusiasts, who take their car sound system very seriously. Click here for tips when looking to buy a sports utility vehicle, which are very popular today.


While each component would come with fitting instructions, there are many YouTube videos that clearly show you how to install the various components, while you will need a drill, wire grips and a selection of screws to affix the items into place. If you are reluctant to start ripping the car apart, there are car audio shops that will carry out the installation and rather than buy from the audio store, it will be cheaper to order the components online and pay the shop to install. Once everything is in place and wired up correctly, you can connect the power cable to the battery and start up the system.

Well-known Brands

There are several companies with a fantastic reputation for making high-quality car audio-video equipment, such as:

  • JVC
  • Sony
  • Kenwood
  • JL
  • Axis
  • Alpine

Of course, a top make might be a little more expensive, but you are getting the best quality, whether the media player, the power amp, or the coaxial speakers.

Seamless Bluetooth Connection

You can run your sound system from your smartphone and this allows the player to merge with Google Maps and any other mobile app that you might want to use. You can configure hands-free calling, which is the safest way to receive calls while driving and spend some time reading the player handbook, which will show you the many ways that the player can be integrated with other digital platforms.