An inquest heard that a couple was found dead in their flat for nine days before their bodies were discovered.

Fiona McGivan (36), and Carl Miller (33), were found in their bedroom in Rubery, Worcestershire just after 1pm on 24 March.

Maxine Davis, a neighbor who lived above them, said that she last heard Maxine and her husband at 1am on March 16th’shouting. laughing. and playing music’.

Ms. Davis thought they had gone outside the next morning because they weren’t answering the doors at 9am to get a parcel. The inquest heard. Ms. Davis raised the alarm when the couple’s Yorkshire Terrier continued to bark days later.

The RSPCA fed their dog through the letterbox for several weeks until West Mercia Police officers found the shocking discovery. This was nine days after the last time they were known to have been alive.

Ms McGivan, Mr Miller had a long history with alcohol and drug abuse. They used heroin and crack cocaine. But they were trying to get clean through Cranstoun, a Worcester drug service.

Fiona McGivan, 36, and Carl Miller, 33, were found in the bedroom of their home in Rubery, Worcestershire, just after 1pm on March 24

Fiona McGivan (36), and Carl Miller (33), were found in their bedroom in Rubery, Worcestershire just after 1pm on 24 March

David Reid, the senior coroner, said that both deaths were drug-related. However he could not explain why they died at the exact same time since they did not take the same mix of drugs.

PC Stevenson, who found the couple, stated in a statement, ‘I walked into their bedroom and found two people clearly dead.

“Both were dressed and there were signs drug paraphernalia was present and needles that could be associated with heroin use. A film was playing on the TV.

Ms Davis also provided timing information. The last CCTV images of either side showed Mr Miller returning home on March 15, wearing the same clothes that he was found dead in.

Mr Reid stated, “Police found Fiona & Carl clearly deceased for some period. There is no evidence to suggest that they died under suspicious circumstances.

“On the balance of probabilities they died from mixed drug overdoses. It is not known how they ended up at the same address at the exact same time.

‘I haven’t heard any evidence to support the claim that either person took drugs with the intent of ending their own lives.

“Equally, it is to be asked whether this was an accident death, but I don’t know enough. It is worth noting that they didn’t use the exact same combination of drugs. It is not clear if they died simultaneously or if one died first.

Toxicology tests revealed that Miller had a mix of drugs in his system, including heroin, morphine and methadone, as well as cocaine and codeine. However, none of these drugs were particularly high.

The inquest heard that such high amounts can lead to seizures if they are combined. Ms McGivan was a cocaine and methadone user.

Malcolm McGivan said that his daughter had gone from drug abuse to alcohol abuse during the inquest.

McGivan stated that since 2012, many organizations had tried to help her change her direction, but they had failed.

McGivan believed that his daughter was exhibiting signs of substance abuse when he last saw her in February at a country park. 

Steven Eden, Miller’s half-brother said that Miller first started with cannabis, then moved on to heroin. He tried to quit several times.

He stated that Ms McGivan had stopped using alcohol, and Mr Miller had reduced his drinking. Three weeks before their deaths, they had adopted a dog.

The inquest heard that the couple had just ordered new carpet for their home. 

Recording narrative conclusion for both deaths, Reid concluded that they were due to drug overdoses. The circumstances of these deaths are not known.

To the families, Mr Reid stated that he had heard from coroners that drug abuse can have a devastating effect on the family and friends of those involved.

“My sympathies go out for you all for what it’s been through over the years.