EXCLUSIVE: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson steps down as trustee of children’s charity Humanitas – a year after forming a trust under her own name

  • Duchess Sarah Ferguson, 62, has been appointed trustee of Humanitas
  • She called it “model charity through which lives may be improved”.
  • But one year after she started Sarah’s Trust, she has now resigned from the role.
  • She is still a patron of charity and insists she’remains very close’

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson has quietly stepped down as trustee of children and families charity Humanitas – a year after forming a trust under her own name.

The Royal, 62 years old, has been a key figure in the good cause since August 2018, and championed many of their campaigns.

But a year after setting up her own Sarah’s Trust, she has stepped down from her unpaid role as Humanitas trustee. She is still the patron of the cause.

MailOnline has not been able to obtain details about her resignation. MailOnline was only able to access obscure papers that revealed the personnel change.

She has previously said of the organisation: ‘Having witnessed first hand the horrors of institutional care, I needed to find a solution to the problems these children’s face. 

“Then I met Humanitas and saw the vast difference between their setup and other charities I had seen.

“Seeing the improvement in the children who are under their care is enough for anyone to feel hope and joy. Humanitas is an excellent charity, which can improve lives beyond measure.

Her ex-husband Prince Andrew is currently mired in a civil lawsuit filed in the US by Virginia Giuffre accusing him of rape.

She claims she was sex trafficked to Andrew on three occasions by convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the first time when she was 17. The Prince denied any wrongdoing.   

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson , 62, has stepped down as trustee of charity Humanitas

Duchess Sarah Ferguson, 62, has retired as trustee of charity Humanitas

The Royal is still a patron and has supported them at a number of events and good work

The Royal is still a patron, and has supported them in a number of events.

The Humanitas charity states that it believes everyone has the right of health care, education, family and other basic rights. They aim to fulfill these three essential rights around the world. 

Sarah’s Trust is currently registered at Humanitas Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Sarah Wade, a trustee of the trust, has been promoted to a new role.

Ms Wade, who is the founder of Humanitas and the CEO, resigned from Sarah’s Trust in April this year.

Accounts show that the Duchess has supported Ms Wades in her cause and has continued to give money to charity.

It made made a grant to Humanitas Charity of £150,000 leading up to May 31 this year.  

The Duchess was first appointed as a trustee back on August 19. 2018, charity papers reveal

The Duchess was appointed first as a trustee on August 19. 2018 Charity papers

Sarah's Trust quietly announced she had stepped down as Humanitas Trustee on March 1

Sarah’s Trust quietly announced that she was stepping down as Humanitas Trustee.

The Duchess of York started her own charity and has been involved in many different activities. 

They included her launch of the Duchess’s own YouTube channel ‘Storytime with Fergie and Friends’ where she reads a children’s story every day.

She donated 250 sleeping bags and other essential items to homeless Londoners through Under One Sky in December 2013.

MailOnline contacted Sarah’s Trust and Humanitas about why the Duchess had switched roles. 

A spokeswoman for Humanitas said: ‘The Duchess has wanted for some time to bring the bulk of her charitable activity under one roof, and has now done so at her new charity Sarah’s Trust. She is no longer a trustee for Humanitas.

‘However, the two charities remain very closely linked, working jointly on a number of projects.

‘The Duchess is also proud to be a patron of Humanitas and we are proud to have her.’

Sarah’s Trust didn’t respond to a request to comment.