Social media users have criticized John Lewis’ highly anticipated 2021 Christmas advertisement as ‘pathetically predictable and woke’  

The retailer’s two-minute ad, titled ‘Unexpected Guest’, features a young boy introducing an alien to Christmas traditions, before she emotionally departs back to her home planet. 

It shows Skye, a space traveller, landing at the heights of celebrations in the woods nearby Nathan, 14, who introduces Skye the traditions of eating mince pie, decorating the tree, and, to her slight confusion wearing novelty jumpers.

However, some were far from impressed with the retailer’s latest campaign and accused it of lacking ‘any Christmas emotion’ – with some even vowing to boycott stores.

“Pathetically predictably woke!” Won’t bother going in your ‘remaining’ stores!!!’ wrote one, while a second vented: ‘More wokeness, as if we haven’t had enough already. But that rocket is bad news for the environment. But, it’s a great song.

John Lewis' highly anticipated 2021 Christmas advert has been slammed by social media users online for being 'pathetically predictably woke.' Pictured, space traveller Skye and 14-year-old Nathan

Social media users have criticized John Lewis’ 2021 Christmas advert as ‘pathetically predictablely woke’. Pictured, space traveller Skye and 14-year-old Nathan

Taking to the comments section, one person penned: 'Pathetically predictably woke! Won’t bother going in your ‘remaining’ stores!!!' (pictured)

One person wrote: “Pathetically predictably awake!” Won’t bother going in your ‘remaining’ stores!!!’ (pictured)

Lola Young, a 20-year-old London singer/songwriter, provides the soundtrack. She performs a cover version of Together In Electric Dreams originally released by Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder back in 1984.

The ad begins when Nathan, on his way to school, spots a flashing red light in the distance. He chases the light to the woods next to his house. Skye, a space-traveller, and her spaceship are found here.

Nathan adds a star to his Christmas jumper and twinkly lights to break the ice between them – just like Skye. 

Viewers will then see Nathan helping Skye discover the magic and joy of her first Christmas. He also introduces her to some of his most memorable festive moments. He presents fairy lights, mince pies, Christmas films, and Christmas films to Skye.

Skye must repair her ship and return to her home planet. At this moment Nathan presents Skye his Christmas jumper. It is the same one he wore when they first met. 

Many people disagreed with John Lewis’ advertisement and accused him of trying to sell a message rather than focusing on the joy of Christmas.

The ad stars space traveller Skye crash-landing at the height of festivities in the woods near the home of 14-year-old Nathan, who introduces her to the traditions of eating mince pies, decorating the tree and, to her slight confusion, wearing novelty jumpers

The advertisement stars Skye, a space traveller, crash-landing during the height of celebrations in the woods near Nathan’s 14-year-old home. Nathan introduces Skye to the traditions of decorating the tree, eating mince pies and wearing novelty jumpers, much to her confusion.

Taking to social media, one person wrote: 'Time to boycott woke John Lewis' (pictured)

One person posted the following on social media: “Time to Boycott John Lewis” (pictured).

One frustrated viewer posted on social media: “Predictable todays woke environment!” On many levels, it is disappointing. Completely lacking Christmas emotion! JL and their woke marketing company continue to fail this Christmas! 

A second simply penned: ‘Time to boycott woke John Lewis,’ while a third argued: ‘Of course #johnlewis have lost the plot. Even ignoring the woke BS, it is criminal to spend that much money on losing so much. Is it smart to use an alien to alienate your core markets? It’s not smart. 

Others instead praised John Lewis’ Christmas advert and said that he ‘never fails to disappoint’.

‘I see the #JohnLewis Christmas ad has dropped and a LOT of people are getting very offended and screaming WOKE with no context. I don’t know why. Must be because of the alien. No matter what you do, guys. This film is not for your eyes. 

A second fan was enthusiastic: “The John Lewis Christmas Advert for 2021 is out!” They never fail to disappoint. Love it!!!’

Another penned: ‘I wasn’t emotionally ready for the new #johnlewisadvert this morning. Love the #UnexpectedGuest concept and it’s a brilliant use of one of my favourite songs of all time, #togetherinelectricdreams. #johnlewis have done it again.’

The ad begins with Nathan (pictured) who on his way home from school spots a flashing light in the distance and chases it to the woods beside his home. It is here he encounters space traveller Skye and her spaceship

The ad opens with Nathan (pictured), who is on his way home after school and spots a flashing light in his distance. He chases it into the woods near his home. Skye, a space traveller, and her spaceship are found here.

However, others praised the Christmas advert and said John Lewis 'never fail to disappoint' (pictured)

Others, however, praised the Christmas advertisement and said John Lewis “never fails to disappoint” (pictured).

The retailer released the ad about a fortnight before usual, as Christmas-related searches on its website were up 50% over last year.

The ad was created with agency adam&eveDDB, with John Lewis refusing to reveal a budget but saying it was in line with previous years’ spending.

Shoppers can buy a version of the Christmas jumper that Nathan gives Skye – minus the added lights in the ad’s version, in a nod to environmental sustainability – for between £14 and £29 depending on size, with 10 per cent of the profits going to the charities FareShare and Home-Start UK.

John Lewis sells every product featured in the ad. Customers are able to shop key scenes, including the Christmas tree and dinner tables, by clicking on the link.

The ad airs for the first time at 8.15pm on Thursday, ITV during The Pride of Britain Awards. The ad was launched at 6.30am for members of ‘My John Lewis loyalty scheme via email access, and at 8am on the retailer’s website and social media channels.

Claire Pointon, John Lewis customer director, said that there is nothing more magical than experiencing the joy of Christmas and sharing your favorite festive moments with loved ones. We wanted our advertisement to celebrate the positive changes that have taken place over the past 18 months.

“We know that our customers are more excited about this festive season than ever as they reconnect with their family and friends. Skye and Nathan are a story about friendship that reminds us of the joy of first Christmas.