Mark Arthur, Yorkshire’s chief executive, has resigned from the club that is in crisis following allegations of racism by Martyn Molon (director of cricket),

  • After being under pressure, Mark Arthur has decided to resign from Yorkshire
  • Pressure has mounted due to Azeem Rafiq’s claims of institutional racism  
  • Rafiq previously asked for Martyn and Arthur Moxon’s resignations 

In the aftermath of racism scandals at crisis-hit clubs, Mark Arthur, Yorkshire’s chief executive has resigned.

Arthur is under increasing pressure after Azeem Rafiq made claims about institutional racism.   

Rafiq reiterated his calls to Arthur and Martyn Moxon, director of cricket, to resign following a settlement reached in the employment tribunal.

Moxon currently has a stress-related illness and Moxon was discharged. Arthur, however, followed Roger Hutton’s example by quitting his Headingley position.

Hutton’s replacement, Lord Kamlesh, was appointed to head the committee. He deserves our gratitude for his time.

“This moment is important for the club. It is now ready to move forward under new leadership. They will drive the changes we need. There is much more work ahead and there are difficult decisions that need to be made. It is important to rebuild trust among the fans, cricketers and the general public.

Mark Arthur has been promoted to the position of Yorkshire Dany Lawson/PA.

Arthur did not mention Rafiq or his independent investigation into his claims, nor the numerous commercial sponsors that have left Yorkshire over the past few days.

Instead, he provided a bullet-point listing of the “many highlights” of his “eight great years” at the club.

He concluded by saying, “I thank you all for your support throughout this period. I also wish the club every success in the coming years.”

Arthur is among six people called by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select Committee to testify on Tuesday. The session will cover parliamentary privilege and begin with Rafiq’s testimony.