All about puppy love Sophie Wessex receives a lot of love as she snuggles with her specially-trained dogs at Leamington Spa’s Guide Dogs National Centre.

  • Sophie Wessex, 56, visited the Guide Dogs National Centre in Leamington Spa
  • Royal looked stunning in a purple floor-length dress and smart gray coat.
  • You spent the entire day cuddling with specially-trained pups. 

On Thursday, The Countess de Wessex was greeted by many furry friends at the Guide Dogs National Centre in Leamington Spa. 

Sophie (56 years old) was happy as she played and cuddled up with several specially-trained dogs.

A Golden Retriever gave the mother-of-2 the seal-of approval, and was captured lovingly licking her nose. 

Sophie arrived wearing a white lab jacket and was effortlessly stylish in a long purple gown, grey suede boots and a matching grey smart coat. The poppy badge was added to the coat.

The Countess of Wessex was welcomed by a whole host of furry friends as she visited the Guide Dogs National Centre in Leamington Spa on Thursday (pictured)

The Guide Dogs National Centre at Leamington Spa welcomed the Countess Of Wessex on Thursday. (pictured)

The royal got the seal of approval from a Gold Retriever, who was captured giving her nose a loving lick

A Gold Retriever gave the royal his approval and was photographed giving her a loving kiss on the nose.

The royal was all smiles as she spent the afternoon surrounded by some furry friends

While spending the afternoon with furry furry friends, the princess was full of smiles and happy to be surrounded by them 

She attended the Bedford Armistice Service earlier in the morning, where she laid a wreath at the Parade and took the salute.

The royal dressed up with delicate silver-leaf-shaped earrings, a watch with a large timepiece on her left arm and purple suede bags for her hectic day of engagements.

For the occasion, she kept her hair blonde in a half-up, half-down style with a light wave. She also opted to wear soft makeup. 

Because Lady Louise, her little girl, suffered from esotropia and required corrective surgery when she was a toddler, the Guide Dogs National Centre is very dear to her heart.  

The cause is also close to the royal's heart, because her daughter Lady Louise suffered from esotropia, and had corrective surgery as a toddler. Pictured, using innovative technology

This cause is very dear to her heart because Lady Louise, the princess’s daughter, suffered from esotropia and underwent corrective surgery when she was a child. Photo taken with innovative technology

One dog looked to be giving Sophie a high five to the face

The royal cosied up to a black Labrador

This mother-of-2 appeared to be an instant hit with her specially-trained pups (pictured right and left).

The mother-of-two was seen grinning as she received an affectionate lick to her cheek from a German Shepherd

Two-year-old mother of two smiled as she was given a loving kiss on the cheek by a German Shepherd.

This black Labrador seemed to take a liking to Sophie's finger as he playfully nibbled it during her visit

The black Labrador took a liking and enjoyed playing with Sophie’s finger during their visit.

The Countess of Wessex looked in her element as she looked lovingly at a Golden Retriever

The Countess Of Wessex was in her element looking at a Golden Retriever. 

The royal looked effortlessly chic in a floor-length purple dress, suede grey boots and a matching smart grey coat, which was adorned with a poppy badge

A floor-length purple gown, suede gray boots and matching grey coat looked effortless on the princess.

The royal accessorised with pair of dainty silver leaf-shaped earrings

Sophie added a poppy badge to her coat

A pair of delicate silver-leaf-shaped earrings in delicate colors and a watch with a large dial on her left arm adorned the royal.

The Sunday Express was informed by Lady Louise’s condition by the countess, wife of Edward Earl of Wessex and the youngest son of the Queen and Duke. She said that preterm babies often suffer from squints, as the eyes are not the final thing to be completed in a baby package.

It took a while to get her eyesight back. She needs to be careful that one eye does not dominate the other. But she is fine now, her eyesight has improved greatly.

Sophie, 50 years old, was inspired to help others with visual impairments by Sophie’s daughter’s challenges.

She serves as the patron of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

In the past decade, I have visited various projects that help the blind or those who are suffering from sight issues in India, Bangladesh, and Tanzania.

The Countess of Wessex paid her respects today by laying a wreath at an Armistice Service

 The Countess of Wessex paid her respects today by laying a wreath at an Armistice Service

Sophie attends an Armistice Service before taking the salute at the Parade in Bedworth (pictured)

Sophie goes to an Armistice Service and then takes the salute in the Parade at Bedworth (photo).

Sophie completed her ensemble with a purple suede bag

The royal clutched the remembrance service booklet

Sophie completed the ensemble by adding a purple suede purse and was seen holding onto her remembrance booklet.

Sophie paid her respects as she attended an Armistice Service before taking the salute at the Parade

Sophie paid her respects as she attended an Armistice Service before taking the salute at the Parade

Sophie (pictured) wrapped up warm for the chilly weather conditions in a smart grey coat

Sophie, pictured (pictured), is dressed warmly in a grey smart coat to withstand the cold weather. 

The royal received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a young well wisher in the crowd

A young crowd member gave the royal a bouquet of beautiful flowers.