Garden of the seas: Superyacht concept features a huge greenhouse that is ideal for billionaires who want to grow their own fruit or vegetables!

  • A ship will be built for billionaires with a love of growing their own fruit and veg and a pining for the ocean 
  • A German company designed the ship. It will feature a huge greenhouse and vegetable garden.
  • In an effort to be more eco-friendly and combat climate change, liquid hydrogen will power the boat.


A few billionaires who are obsessed with health and love the ocean may finally be able go wild in nature.

A German design firm released a concept model for a zero-emission superyacht equipped with a huge greenhouse, vegetable garden, and a massive greenhouse.

The ship will be called the VY.01, and it will measure 110m in length. It was designed by Berlin-based 3deluxe design studio. They called it a paradisiacal biological tope’.

The superyacht will be powered with liquid hydrogen. This should give billionaires who are passionate about growing their own fruit or veg the opportunity to do so while enjoying a life of luxury at sea.

Instead of using soil for plants, the ship will have hydroponic sources. This means that the ship can grow flora with aqueous mineral nutrients. 

A seawater desalination system powered by zero-carbon solar panels will allow the vessel to remove salt from water for the greenhouse’s plants.

It will include a saltwater swimming area, a glazed roof, and open sides that can be closed during severe weather or to increase speed.

Although the ship’s construction would consume a lot resources, the designers stated that they hoped its owner would make it a learning center for those who aren’t enjoying the boat.

Green-fingered billionaires are the target audience for this luxurious superyacht that includes a gigantic greenhouse and vegetable garden

Green-fingered billionaires make up the target audience for this superyacht with a gigantic greenhouse.

The German company that designed the ship is based in Berlin and said the vessel would be a 'paradisiacal biotope'

The German company that designed the ship is based in Berlin and said the vessel would be a ‘paradisiacal biotope’

It will be made of a mixture of wood panelling and glass with garden and water features and comfy chairs. The designers hoped the environmental cost of creating the boat would be counterbalanced by any owner letting out the boat for educational purposes

It will be made out of a mixture wood panelling and glass and include garden and water features as well as comfortable chairs. The designers hoped that any owner would let the boat to be used for educational purposes, despite the environmental impact of its creation.

Concept images of the superyacht show a person on a paddle board gliding across the waves above what appear to be whales

Concept images of superyacht depict a person riding a paddle board and gliding above the waves, which appear to be whales.

The ship's open sides will allow a huge amount of natural light to come into the boat. However, during rough seas or when the captain wants to go faster, the sides can be closed

The ship’s open sides allow for lots of natural light into the boat. You can close the sides if you are in rough seas or when the captain wishes to go faster.

The ship will have a cruising speed of between ten and 12 knots, which is up to around 14 miles per hour and will have two electric motors powered by fuel cells

The ship will cruise between ten and twelve knots, which is around 14 miles an hour. There will be two electric motors powered with fuel cells.

The inside of the high-end ship will be spacious with a bar, waterfall and grey sofas on a bed of grass and fern plants

The high-end ship’s interior will feature a bar and waterfall. Grey sofas are placed on a bed of grasses and ferns.

The project is nature-orientated and will offer the rich a chance to relax while knowing their climate change needs are cared for

The project is nature-oriented and will allow the wealthy to take a break while they know their climate change needs are being met.

A glazed glass roof will allow enough light into the ship to help the plants, fruit and vegetables grow in a move climate-lovers will enjoy

A glazed roof with glass will allow enough sunlight to enter the ship, which will help plants, fruit, and vegetables grow in a climate-loving environment.

The superyacht will be zero-emission and be a haven for a budding environmentalist-cum-billionaire who likes to grow their own produce

The superyacht will be zero-emission and be a haven for a budding environmentalist-cum-billionaire who likes to grow their own produce

White with a blue trim, the boat will almost be able to blend into the sea on a calm day, as the design company's concept photos show

The boat will be white with a blue trim.

Liquified hydrogen will be the fuel for the electric fuel cells powering the sleek vessel. Instead of using soil to feed plants the ship will have a hydroponic source, which means growing plants in aqueous mineral nutrient solutions

The fuel for the sleek vessel’s electric fuel cells will be liquid hydrogen. The ship will not use soil to feed its plants, but instead it will have a hydroponic supply. This means that the ship can grow plants in aqueous mineral nutrients.