Teenage sister of murder student Libby Squire, was’spiked using a needle on night out’ – two year after her 21-year old sibling was raped.

  • Lisa Squire’s eldest child, Libby (21), was raped in Hull in 2019.
  • Recent alarming call by daughter Beth to Mrs Squire, 19
  • Beth discovered that Beth had a severe bruise on her arm and a puncture mark the next day.
  • The UK currently has a high number of cases of people drinking with a needle.
  • Mrs Squire of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire has advocated for lower-level sex offenders face harsher penalties to stop more serious crimes  

A mother of a student who had been raped, and killed on a night out in 2012 has spoken out about her concerns after seeing her daughter’spiked with needles’.

Lisa Squire (51), lost her eldest child Libby to Polish murderer Pawel Relowicz (26) in 2019.

Recently, Mrs Squire felt alarmed when she received a phone call from Beth (19 years old), in which her youngest daughter was calling.

According to the BBC, Mrs Squire of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire said that she was “different” and didn’t know who she was.

Beth was later found with a big bruise and puncture on her arm the following day.

Libby, was a student at the University of Hull when she was raped and murdered by Polish butcher Pawel Relowicz during a night out in 2019

Libby was a University of Hull Student when Pawel Rlowicz, a Polish butcher and murderer, raped and killed her on a night out in 2019.

UK currently has a high number of cases of drink spiking using needles. Universities are holding sit-ins for students and calling on authorities to get involved.

Libby Squires (21), was a Hull philosophy student. She was last seen on a bench in a park after she was separated from her friends. In the early hours, February 1st 2019, she was refused entry to a club.

She was targeted by Relowicz, who had a history of spying on female students and  was on the prowl looking for a vulnerable victim.

Seven weeks after her disappearance, Relowicz’s body was found in Hull Estuary. Relowicz was sent to prison for life, with a sentence of minimum 27 years.

Mrs. Squire has lobbied politicians for stricter laws on low-level sex offenders since Libby’s passing to stop more serious crimes being committed.

Libby’s younger sister Beth ‘idolised her’. Mrs Squires stated that Libby has sadly grown-up in the shadow of her past. 

Beth was enjoying a fun night with friends from university when she felt sick and called her mom at 3am. 

Libby's parents, Lisa and Russell Squire, outside Sheffield Crown Court for Relowicz's sentencing in February. Mrs Squire has spoke out amid a spate of recent reports of drink spiking as police figures confirmed almost 200 cases in September and October alone.

Outside Sheffield Crown Court in Relowicz, Libby Squire’s parents Lisa and Russell Squire. Mrs Squire spoke out in light of a series of recent reports on drink spiking, as almost 200 cases were confirmed by police between September and Oct.

'Sexual deviant' Pawel Relowicz, 26, was jailed for life in February to serve a minimum of 27 years for the rape and murder of Libby Squires

Pawel Relowicz (26), was sentenced to life imprisonment in February for the rape, murder and attempted suicide of Libby Squires.

Mrs Squire explained that she had heard from her daughter, “She’d lost the person with whom she was in love, she was virtually uncoherent. I was worried about her.”

‘It took me three to four times to get to her to request an Uber for her to be driven home.

Later, Beth stated that she didn’t remember much about the events, as Mrs Squire, an neonatal nurse, said. 

“She sent me a picture later in the day, and there was a big bruise on her arm with what appears to be a puncture mark at its centre.

“I brought that picture to work, and I showed it to my friends in medicine. They agreed. 

“Beth” is likely more equipped to handle the outside world than other children her age because she has seen her sister be raped, murdered and made to suffer.

She said, “I feel like I need to give her a lecture before she goes out to have a good time, and that’s just not right. They should be free to do as they please.”