Woman was held prisoner in her own house at gunpoint and dropped money from the balcony to alarm shopkeepers, until she managed to escape.

  • On Saturday, a woman in Bonnyrigg was held captive by a gunman.
  • He was 34 years old and managed to handwrite notes for assistance in the window.  
  • Before calling police, Hero shopkeepers had seen notes and communicated to her.
  • Christopher Adam Duncan, age 35, was charged with several offences 

A woman was held in her home under gunpoint and alerted shopkeepers nearby by handwriting notes that were posted out of the window.

Christopher Adam Duncan (35), allegedly held the 34-year old woman for over an hour at their Bonnyrigg flat, in Sydney’s West, Saturday night.

The man allegedly assaulted the victim with a knife & a gun, until she managed to escape at 7pm when police arrived.

Two shopkeepers had seen the notes, and began communicating with her via the window. Police were alerted by the two men who saw it.

A distressed woman was allegedly threatened with a gun and knife inside her unit in Sydney's south-west on Saturday night. pictured is a woman outside the apartment block

A woman was accused of being held hostage in her own house and alerted the nearby shops by handwriting notes that were passed out through the apartment windows.

CCTV footage of the complex shows the two concerned men gesturing to call triple-0 to the terrified woman sitting in the window

CCTV footage shows two men calling triple-0 from the compound to the woman trapped in the window.

The CCTV camera footage captures the men calling triple zero to the scared woman who sits in the window.

The cameras then capture riot police pushing a battering-ram into the houses.

A female can be seen then running off the Bonnyrigg Avenue apartment complex’s ground floor, before talking to the police.

The injuries sustained by the 34-year old victim were allegedly due to assaults by Duncan. Duncan was her roommate in the flat.

By the arrival of police, she was able to get free and drop her notes below to the shopkeepers.

Duncan was taken into custody along with two other women (aged 32 and 42) who were present in the house together with the detained woman.

The woman was allegedly detained by Christopher Adam Duncan (pictured) for over an hour in a flat in Bonnyrigg in Sydney's west on Saturday night, armed with a knife and a gun

Christopher Adam Duncan, who was carrying a knife and gun, held the woman for more than an hour at a Bonnyrigg flat in Sydney’s West on Saturday night.

The woman was seen bursting out of the door of the complex and hugging a man before police later walked Duncan out in handcuffs

Before police arrived, Duncan was taken out by handcuffs. The female was seen running out from the compound and hugging him.

Police found a loaded gun inside the flat, and allegedly discovered precursor chemicals and equipment that is used to make meth.

He was accused of eleven crimes, including the detention with intention to commit a grave indictable offense and assault causing bodily damage.

The alleged drug equipment found in the apartment was not charged.

The Fairfield Local Court refused him bail. He will appear again on Wednesday.

They were both released on bail. Police continue their investigation. 

The woman was able to pass notes out the window of the apartment to shops below

This woman could pass on notes from her apartment window to the shops below