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MailOnline has information on the eco-warriors that attacked Priti Patel Friday night. They included a Grammar School girl who became a vegan ethical influencer, decolonial activist, and union activist.

The group of six, including one cameraman, who posed as young Tories at the £40-a-head event, filmed themselves as they interrupted the Home Secretary’s speech and demanded she end her controversial Rwanda immigration policy.  

They even posed for selfies with the cabinet minister before carrying out their highly-planned plot at the Bassetlaw Conservatives Spring Dinner. 

MailOnline has seen a list of guests that nearly all have listed as “vegan” their requirements. 

Ben Mitchell, one the disruptions, posted a snap taken by Ms Patel and gloated via Twitter, ‘It’s lovely to have you there last night @pritipatel! Even thanked us for driving all the distance to meet you…you’re very welcome.

“We hope that you will now understand that these inhumane and racist plans are not tolerated by young people.”

Fiona Quekett was also present. Quekett is a former Grammar School student and has a profile at the website ‘Ethical Influencers. 

Vegan University of Leeds graduate has previously attacked politicians. This includes Oliver Dowden, Tory MP Therese Coffeey and Oliver Dowden, both on Blackpool’s streets in March. 

Quekett, who was protesting last November’s actions, will face trial in June on charges of aggravated criminal trespass in the Symmetry Park Amazon warehouse. At an earlier hearing, they pleaded not guilty. 

Eco-warrior Ben Mitchell (far fight) poses for a selfie with Priti Patel and another demonstrator while posing as a Tory at the local Conservatives dinner on Friday night

Ben Mitchell, an eco-warrior (far fight), poses for a photo with Priti Patel (and another demonstrator) while pretending to be a Tory at Friday’s Conservatives dinner 

Fiona Quekett

As a second protestor is ushered out, Fiona Quekett (pictured) gets up and brands the policy 'cruel', before they begin chanting: 'Out, out, out!'

Fiona Quekett (pictured), a protestor, stands up to call the policy “cruel” before they start chanting, “Out, Out, Out!”

Holly Hudson was believed to be among the protestors at Priti Patel's dinner on Friday evening

Holly Hudson is thought to have been one of the protestors at Priti Palel’s dinner Friday night 

Union activist Laura Ho was one of the protestors last night

Laura Ho, Union activist was among the last-night protestors

Ben Mitchell is seen in the video branding Ms Patel's policy as 'racist' and 'problematic' moments after posing for her with a selfie

Ben Mitchell can be seen in the video calling Ms Patel’s policy racist and problematic moments after taking a selfie for her 

Meanwhile Holly Hudson, who is a leading member of the collective, is a graduate from the distinguished SOAS university, where she specialised in decolonial and anti-carceral movements in Britain. 

Additionally, she is a member of the “We Smell Gas” group. This collective includes ‘decolonial activists and artists based all over Europe. 

Laura Ho, a union activist, was one of the protestors who took to social networking today to ridicule Ms Patel. Some others also claimed they were involved in last night’s demonstration. 

Ms Hudson wrote: ‘@PritiPatel, myself and other @GNDRising activists interrupted your dinner to condemn your violent, racist #RwandaMigrationPlan. Human rights include the right to safe refuge. All refugees are welcomed here.

Quekett declared: “Priti Patel’s Rwanda Plan as well as Nationality and Borders Bill is vile and humane.” This is why we will oppose these cruel plans every chance that comes our way.

MailOnline spoke to Brendan Clarke Smith the Conservative MP for Bassettlaw, saying that they had spent an enormous amount on tickets and bought raffle tickets – probably not to burn their covers. 

“So they actually contributed financial to exactly the people they were fighting against!”

In the video shared by Green New Deal Rising on Saturday, Ms Patel dons a pink dress as she approaches the podium to give her speech. 

After a few seconds, she says: “Good evening everyone. I really just want to begin …’, before any female protestor abruptly gets up from her seat. 

She shouts to the audience: “Priti Pattel, your racist policy is killing people.”

“Your plans to send refugees to Rwanda are not humane. They are cruel and will endanger people’s lives.

After the security personnel have taken the demonstrator, another female takes her place and continues to protest the controversial immigration policy. 

After she’s ushered away, another protestor stands up, branding the policy “cruel”, before everyone starts chanting: “Out, Out, Out!” 

'It was so lovely to see you': Eco-warrior Ben Mitchell gloats after tricking Priti Patel into taking a selfie with him

After tricking Priti to take a photo with Ben Mitchell, Eco-warrior Ben Mitchell says “It was so wonderful to see you”. 

This protestor branded Priti Patel's Rwanda immigration policy 'inhumane' as she interrupted a speech at a local Tory dinner

The protestor called Priti’s Rwanda immigration policies ‘inhumane’ when she interjected a Tory speech

The clip shows Ms Patel donning a pink dress as she approaches the podium at the Bassetlaw Conservatives Spring Dinner

As Ms. Patel approaches the Bassetlaw Conservatives Spring Dinner podium, she is seen in pink.

Pictured: Security are seen ushering the demonstrators out of the £40-a-head Conservative dinner last night

Pictured: Security are seen ushering the demonstrators out of the £40-a-head Conservative dinner last night 

Ben Mitchell (identified as a man) and Mitchell (identified as a woman) then stand up, shouting, “racist and problematic” and “inhumane”.

The entire group then can be heard shouting “Say it loud and clear! Refugees are welcome here!”  

MailOnline reached out to Green New Deal Rising in order for comments. 

The group tweeted the video today, saying: ‘Last night we disrupted @pritipatel because her #Rwandaplan is cruel, morally bankrupt & it will cost lives.

‘We demand the Government drops this widely condemned policy & provides support for people seeking safety.

‘No matter where we come from, we all deserve dignity & respect.’ 

They added: ‘We’re sickened to see the Gov ramping up its hostile policies rather than helping those fleeing from war, poverty & extreme weather. 

‘As climate change displaces entire communities, leaving people vulnerable to exploitation & violence, we MUST act with compassion. 

“And, as a country that has exploited people and their resources for a long time, the UK should recognize its responsibility. 

Protestor at Priti Patel dinner

Protestor at Priti Patel dinner

One more man and woman rise from their seats, shouting out that the policy was ‘racist, problematic’ and “inhumane.”

‘We call on the Government to provide an accessible & decent system for people seeking refuge, to drastically cut emissions and to pay its dues! #GreenNewDeal’.

Caroline Lucas, ex-leader of the Green Party and a former Green Party leader, quickly supported the activists group. She praised the disruption and stated that it showed “the moral leadership which is so tragically absent within this Government”.

A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘The world-leading Migration Partnership will overhaul our broken asylum system, which is currently costing the UK taxpayer £1.5bn a year – the highest amount in two decades.

It means that those who arrive illegally, dangerously, or unnecessarily may be moved to receive asylum. If they are granted refugee status, they can live in the country.

“Our Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda now fully conforms to international and national law.”

Last night’s protest came after it was reported that Ms Patel’s new scheme for sending failed asylum seekers to Rwanda will start next week.  

According to The Sun, the first migrants sent to central African country will be single men. They will likely be notified within the next few days by Home Office lawyers.

The flagship plan could not be implemented due to legal actions by human rights organizations.

The newspaper was informed by a Home Office source that the first referrals would be made next week. 

Boris Johnson fumed at liberal lawyers’ for stalling his plan to send thousands to Rwanda from the UK, and said that his team of Home Secretary is prepared for any legal challenge. 

The Government had wanted flights to Kigali to start by the end of May under the £120million deal it secured with the Kagame government last month.

If they’re deemed to have traveled illegally to the UK for reasons other than asylum, the agreement will allow them to fly 4,000 miles from East Africa to their destination.

It comes as analysis of Government figures shows 7,240 people have reached the UK after navigating busy shipping lanes from France in small boats in just the past four months since the start of 2022. Pictured: Migrants arriving in the UK last week

This comes just as Government figures show that 7,240 migrants have arrived in the UK from France, where they were able to navigate busy shipping routes in their small boats. Photo: Last week, migrants arrived in the UK

The Home Secretary shakes hands with Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Birutaare after signing the partnership agreement

After signing the partnership agreement, Vincent Birutaare (Rwanda Foreign Minister) shakes hands.

However, No10 stated that it was unable to give a date for when the scheme would begin. Two asylum seekers arrived in Britain last week on the backs of trucks. They asked lawyers for help to challenge the policy.

The analysis of government figures shows that 7240 people arrived in Britain in recent months, after crossing busy shipping routes from France with small boats.

They are almost 700 people that have crossed under favorable weather conditions in the week just before.

Critics suggested that the 11-day vacation was due to bad weather. They also insisted that Home Secretary’s Rwanda policy wouldn’t act as an obstacle to anyone trying to get to Britain.

The border force officials are anxious and have suggested that delays in the Rwanda plan will only encourage more migrants to try the dangerous journey.

In April, the MoD assumed control over migrant operations. The Government announced controversial plans for sending some migrants across the Channel to Rwanda.