“I finished paying the mortgage on the house/apartment. And now?” This is a recurring doubt among people who choose to finance their own property through Caxias, as they do not know what to do after paying off the Caxias/several banks real estate financing,

In addition to the relief of completing this very important step in achieving the dream of owning an apartment, many questions arise after the discharge. That’s why we thought of some tips to help you become, in fact, the owner of your apartment after paying off the Caxias/Bancs real estate financing.

Where to start?

First of all, it is necessary to be aware that, until the total discharge of the financing, the bank has the right to your property. In this context, the property only definitively belongs to the buyer after the process following the extinction of the debt. 

And how can you guarantee this? First, it is essential to understand what is and how the fiduciary alienation of real estate works and what are the details necessary to effect the registration of the term of discharge of property in notary’s office. Come on?!

Fiduciary Alienation: What is it?

When financing their own property, it is common for people to celebrate such an achievement with the certainty that they already own their own roof. However, it is essential to understand some processes and what they mean. Fiduciary alienation is an example of this.

It concerns the transfer of ownership of a good to the creditor, while the debtor pays the debt, that is, the property is alienated considering the creditor bank as the official owner and the debtor remains enjoying possession of the property until paying off the debt.

In cases of delay that exceed the maximum allowed in the contract, usually of three installments, the financial institution is authorized to notify the delay and request the settlement of the installments. If there is no payment, the creditor can use its rights to the property, making it available at auction to cover the outstanding debt,

In addition, the fiduciary alienation is provided for in Federal Law 9,514 and, therefore, does not require the creditor to file a lawsuit to take the asset placed as collateral. This represents a lower risk, reducing insecurity in relation to the debtor’s default.

Therefore, when considering operations with property as collateral in Brazil, fiduciary alienation is much more common than mortgage. According to data from the Central Bank, more than 30,000 properties that were acquired in 2020 opted for fiduciary alienation. On the other hand, only 2,032 operations were carried out with mortgages.

Record of discharge

After paying off the real estate financing, in addition to celebrating the end of this phase and, finally, celebrating this more than deserved achievement, it is necessary to register the settlement of the operation at a Real Estate Registry Office in the property’s jurisdiction.

Simple Procedures To Do:

Issuance request: 

you request the issuance of the “debt settlement term with the financial institution that lent the money”;


With the term in hand, you can go to the notary and withdraw the fiduciary alienation registered in the registration of the property;


Pay attention to the signature of the creditor institution that must appear in the discharge term. It is worth remembering that this process has notary costs and, once carried out, it is recommended to request the updated certificate of registration of the property;

Anyway, owner: 

after these procedures, you can celebrate! The property will no longer appear as collateral in the bank and you will officially become the owner,

When Can I Make the Discharge Registration?

It is recommended that the registration of the term of discharge of the property be done as soon as you have the document in hand. According to Federal Law 13,294/2016, the term for the financial institution to provide the discharge term is 30 days, from the debt settlement date.

Therefore, pay attention to this when paying off the mortgage, follow the steps indicated above and register the property’s discharge as soon as possible. 

Now that you know what to do after paying off real estate financing Caxias/several banks.

How about starting to move to the next real estate investment,

By Rolen Awerkamp

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